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Manakeep 728x90
(May 13, 2017)
Hemet Nesingwary was my favorite tour guide in the Hot Air Balloon Festival. I didn't know he was such a jokester. Overall, the Spring Balloon Festival was a lot of fun and we were lucky to all get a seat to ride together.
(Apr 24, 2017)
R.I.P. Hayven Games. :( He will be missed!
(Apr 20, 2017)
Outlands progression is going great!
(Jan 08, 2017)
Members: You now have a place to share your creative writing/drawings in the new section of the Forums and in the Gallery! Thanks to Khaam for the idea! :D
(Sep 29, 2016)
For the Draenei!
(Aug 09, 2016)
Demon Hunters now walk among us!
(Jul 20, 2016)
Happy Legion pre-patch! In light of the new updates for the upcoming expansion, I will do my best to prepare and bring our guild gracefully into the Broken Isles — and that will not be possible without help from all of you! <3
(Jul 11, 2016)
Being a guild leader has its trials but in the end it is always rewarding.
(Jun 04, 2016)
I've spent hours pooling my favorite wonderful resources for our forums! I love sharing!
(Jun 01, 2016)
Forum post up! If you use the forums, don't be shy; give us a "Like" or a /wave!
(May 29, 2016)
Our guild is officially up and running! Let the recruiting begin! :D Forum recruitment post to follow shortly.