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Manakeep 728x90
(Dec 29, 2017)
Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays and a Joyous New Year to All!
(Dec 26, 2017)
I also "winterized" the website again for winter!
(Dec 25, 2017)
Merry Christmas! See you guys soon!
(Nov 26, 2017)
We are taking a break for the holidays but will be back before you know it.
(Nov 22, 2017)
Have a happy Thanksgiving, my friends!
(Nov 10, 2017)
The Fellowship will see another expansion yet again! Take up arms and fight FOR THE ALLIANCE, as always! The Lion of Stormwind will take up well his father's mantle.
(Nov 03, 2017)
Lightforged Draenei here we come!
(Oct 10, 2017)
A REAL LIFE Elekk Plushie is now on the Blizzard Gear Store! I have been hoping for one forever.
(Sep 23, 2017)
The Draenei, Doomsayers, and Terrified Citizens were taken out of Dalaran recently. I quite liked them!
(Sep 14, 2017)
I just found a familiar face on Argus! Your favorite travelling Draenei!
(Aug 31, 2017)
Argus. Is. Amazing!
(Aug 23, 2017)
Those new cinematics ahhh I'm so excited! Argus here we come!
(Aug 09, 2017)
I am absolutely feeling a new guild campaign coming up, like the one I did for the Legion's coming. I am excited!
(Aug 08, 2017)
Argus is visible to all! Draenei, it is time to stand tall once again! Do not falter!
(Jul 23, 2017)
I just came back from vacation so I couldn't dance at the AH with you guys today, but I posted screenshots of when I did get there!
(Jun 28, 2017)
Amazing Argus stuff is just on the horizon!
(Jun 25, 2017)
A guild break will occur for the summer so some events may not happen or will be rescheduled. Will keep you posted!
(Jun 20, 2017)
Argus is visible in capital cities to players who have defeated Kil'jaeden!
(Jun 08, 2017)
Happy anniversary! What a lucky leader I am to have all of you. :)
(May 14, 2017)
I did the Highmountain Legion assault today and it feels good to kill Eredar on my Draenei!