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Manakeep 728x90
(Aug 20, 2018)
Big storyline kicks off tomorrow!
(Jul 23, 2018)
I updated "About" and "Guidelines" to reflect new BFA changes!
(Jul 21, 2018)
I know! It's been a rocky start. I have to adjust. Hope everyone's having a good pre-patch otherwise!
(Jul 17, 2018)
13 years since I first started WoW, patch days still go the same way lol
(Jul 13, 2018)
BfA Pre-patch coming Tuesday!
(Jul 04, 2018)
Happy Independence Day to my American members!
(Jun 28, 2018)
Members, I updated "Random Tidbits" to "Fun Facts" and added stuff.
(Jun 24, 2018)
Updated my Forum threads/added links!
(Jun 19, 2018)
Calendar might not always be accurate to reflect the hiatus, but we do have a Midsummer Meeting coming up!
(Jun 04, 2018)
You're welcome!
(Jun 04, 2018)
Thank you for the invite!
(Jun 03, 2018)
Notice: Our weekly meetings will be on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays.
(Jun 02, 2018)
Members, I would love it if you read my Wowhead RP guide! The link is on our Forums.
(Apr 22, 2018)
I have been reviewing all of my forum posts lately to keep them current, including the Draenei-themed companions!
(Apr 16, 2018)
Hello, Lightforged graphics!
(Apr 16, 2018)
I updated all my Roleplaying Aid articles, edited, and replaced bad links. Enjoy! Also, events have slowed as we prepare for BFA (i.e. the Mage Tower).
(Apr 03, 2018)
Happy belated Easter! Hope you had a good one and see you for Noblegarden!
(Jan 24, 2018)
The Alliance is the victor in Silithus this year! Amazing work!
(Jan 06, 2018)
Check the calendar - our next event is up!
(Jan 01, 2018)
Happy New Year to the fellowship!