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~ Information ~

The Form

The form is for maintaining proper immersion in terms of lore and roleplay as well as to ensure that our guild is a happy, family-friendly, and safe environment. It also allows us to help you if you need guidance and to tailor your experience in the guild. This is not a full-blown application, keeping in mind that long, intrusive questionnaires can intimidate or frighten good people away. The shortness and straightforwardness of it is intended to welcome you. The guild leader will be the only one to read and approve your form and is more than happy to do so. Your email and the information on your form is kept confidential.

We Look For...

  • Basic knowledge of roleplay; familiarity and compliance with Blizzard's code of conduct and roleplay policies concerning names and events. (More info: Roleplaying - Wowpedia)
  • An understanding of general Draenei history and culture endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Draenei characters that are unique, memorable, quirky, faithful, and flawed, being still in accordance with Draenei lore.
  • Thoughtful, serious, and friendly players who are active and willing to participate in roleplay!


  • We accept Draenei (Main Universe and Alternate Universe), Lightforged, Broken, and Lost Ones. Argus Krokul are a case-by-case basis. Other races are not allowed, including alternate characters of current members. Draenei alternate characters are perfectly fine so contact Electrika to include yours.
  • All levels and classes are accepted.
  • Evil, lewd, fel-wielding, Horde-aligned, or otherwise lore-conflicting Draenei, Eredar, and Man'ari characters are not allowed. We try to stay as close to the lore as possible!
  • No interview, in-character or out-of-character, is required before or after your form is submitted nor will there be any line of questioning. Instead, an informal meet-and-greet will be held for I.C. introductions between your character and the guild leader or else it will occur at a guild event.

In-Character Initiation

If your form is approved, please plan a method of in-character correspondence to get into the guild. Your character may have heard of the fellowship by word-of-mouth or seen the flyers posted on every Hero's Call Board in major Alliance cities (including the Garrison for A.U. characters). Choose one of the following examples or feel free to create your own idea:

  • Send Electrika an in-character letter.
  • Write an entry in the sign-up journal ("Journals" section on this site) from your character's perspective, located at each headquarters.
  • Use a hearthstone (in-character chat channel upon joining the guild) at each H.Q.
  • Your character seeks out Electrika specifically in person.
  • Meet Electrika by happenstance where she recruits your character.

New to the game? New to roleplaying?

New and returning players and roleplayers are welcome! We will provide tips and suggestions about roleplay, lore, and the game if you are willing to learn. However, if you are new to roleplay, we ask that you research and oversee the creation of your character's history and personality beforehand. This is your responsibility and not the guild's. It does not have to be fleshed out entirely but please have a basic idea that you will stick to for him or her. Once you have the character of your dreams, you are more than welcome to go onto the form where you can write it there.

You can look forward to valuable lore nuggets, member and origin stories, our forums, and much more upon joining the site!