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Once you become a member of The Draenei Fellowship, you are in with the family. As in every family, there are a few simple and fair guidelines within the roleplay and guild environments that we request you follow, both in-character and out-of-character.

We aim to be a guild with active players. However, logging on every day is not mandatory and it is perfectly fine if you take time off. If you intend to be away for a long period of time, please let Electrika know in advance.

Each Member Matters
We are committed to our important members and care about your feelings. We love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Also, real life always comes first and our guild should never take precedence over that. World of Warcraft is the perfect escape from our everyday lives and here we come on to relax and have fun. No aspect of the game or our guild should ever feel like work. You are the priority!

Polish Over Profanity
The Draenei Fellowship is a family-oriented, wholesome guild where one can join and feel safe. Thus, please keep profanity to a minimum. Directing it at other players and excessive use is not tolerated. The Draenei frown upon such behavior!

Manners are Key
We ask that, in order to join, you act responsibly and in a mature, civil, yet kind manner to maintain a guild of supportive players. If you have a difficult time being humble, dependable, and respectful, we may not be the guild for you. No trolls or griefers allowed!

The Draenei Fellowship does not utilize out-of-game messaging services, voice servers, or in-game voice chat. Most members prefer typing, but you may participate if there are members willing. Information you disclose is up to you. However, there should be no soliciting within our guild, by text or voice, of personal questions such as age, gender, location, and other private matters. Giving out personal information that you know of others without permission is also not tolerated. Our members' privacy is of the utmost importance and this we take very seriously.

No Gossip
Bad-mouthing and gossiping about other guilds or members, former or current, is not allowed, nor is any type of politcal discussion. We are all people so please be polite and courteous!

Action will be taken if one fails to comply with these guidelines or after a warning has been issued. Electrika will not be privy to what goes on in voice chat, but she will do her best to handle it accordingly if something goes awry. If a member is harassing you, you are uncomfortable, or any other issue you may have concerning a guild member or otherwise, please contact Electrika privately and immediately.