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Out-of-Character Information

Founded in May of 2016, The Draenei Fellowship is about nurturing strong bonds with likeminded kin, helping others, and providing Draenei with companionship and a safe place to call home. Draenei are encouraged to continue to shape their culture, preserve customs, and create new ones as well as new memories and new friends. We like to remain on the small side as it allows us to connect with those in the fellowship on a deeper level so that everyone is included. We are not a hierarchy and controlling players and their characters is not our way. Dedicated to thought-provoking stories and fun, creativity and imagination is always welcomed here! "Bringing Draenei together" is our mission statement and we will always stand by this.

Our guild is designed in the likeness of normal Draenei society so the member ranks are equal despite being numbered in-game as 2-10. This means that every member gets the same amount of privileges on the website and in-game options like the guild bank. The ranks are name variations of each class and Draenei are put in their coinciding class rank. If a character feels more drawn to another rank, they are allowed to join the one they specify. If a character dedicates their lives elsewhere like to a profession or a family, the "Wanderer" rank would be fitting. This may be discussed with the guild leader I.C. or O.O.C.

One to two events per week are regularly scheduled which take place late afternoons and/or evenings server time/Pacific Standard Time. We have a weekly meeting on Tuesdays at 5pm covering casual roleplay, important topics, or in-game holidays. We also have ongoing storylines and annual gatherings which usually take place on weekends. Events vary and can include educational talks, classes such as art or history, fundraisers, tours, trips, or anything in between. Suggestions for events and hosting events may be brought up with the guild leader, at guild meetings, or posted in the Forums section. Something can be worked out for lower levels or characters restricted to a certain area. Please feel free to initiate impromptu roleplay amongst fellow guild members as well!

The Draenei Fellowship's focus is on heavy roleplay. We understand that our members may not always feel like roleplaying or instead want to level, raid, or P.v.P. That is fine with us! We do it as well, especially in light of new expansions and content. We may do occasional pick-up-group raids or random P.v.P. but that will never be our top priority so please keep this in mind.

Being lore-accurate is important to us. Sometimes we must take initiative in shaping our characters and fill in the blanks if necessary when the lore is unclear, unspecific, or subject to change by Blizzard. No one can know absolutely everything about the Draenei, guild master included. Things can be forgotten over time as well - we help each other out, improvise, make our own scenarios, and review important factors of their culture. We learn together.

Roll of the Guild Leader
The guild leader, Electrika, takes care of a lot of the important stuff so that the rest of you can have fun! This includes: all recruiting and inviting into the guild, most events, and ensuring that the guild bank is never empty. Advertising is also overseen mostly by Electrika but all members have done their share of advertising in one way or another, even if it is simply running around because people still see the guild name so cheers to you guys! There are no co-leaders or officers.

What sets The Draenei Fellowship apart, making it different from other Draenei guilds?
To summarize, there is no hierarchy, no full application, and no interview. We wish not to split apart or create rifts in our guild with complex structures. Our goal is to bring players together and participate in good roleplay without the pressure and stress of ranks, dictatorships, and competition. This is what truly matters - not large numbers and recognition. Since our focus is on those in our guild and helping it to flourish, we tend to forgo collaborating with others, and instead forge our own stories and path. We take pride in our uncommon approaches and we hope to be recognized for our fairness, honesty, and uniqueness for years to come.

In-Character Information

Electrika, an adolescent Draenei, was left without family at an early age and this made her always crave for more of a close-knit sense of kinship. The lack of support had created a great void in her life and she knew something had to be done about it. Always a young woman of action, Electrika formed a union revolving heavily around the Light, based upon its foundation as well as her Draenei heritage. Her vehement faith in the Alliance also influences her organization and drives her to fight for what it stands. Now, fellow brethren can join Electrika's journey of uniting her people and celebrate every aspect of them, the Exiled Ones.

The Draenei Fellowship's main base of operations is located at the bottom right upper level of Trader's Tier, The Exodar, and the guild armory is at the left upper tier. The second headquarters is located above Photonic Playground in the Broken Isles' Dalaran. The third is the bottom floor of The Vindicaar at the work station.

Per the lore, the Draenei have aligned themselves with the Grand Alliance since coming to Azeroth, pledging their allegiance early. Many of the Draenei have felt the call to arms and actively participate in war against the Horde as well as any threat to the Alliance. Though not every character in our guild is a fighter, we would like to see patriotism under the banner of blue. Thus, The Draenei Fellowship proudly represents the Alliance.

This site and its resources are mostly out-of-character but some features here represent in-game counterparts that we pretend exist in-character. At each headquarters, there is an information booklet, guest/recruitment journal, calendar, roster, hearthstones in a basket, and photo album. Of course, none of these items are possible to see in-game and it is for roleplay purposes.

Guild Channels
Guild (/g) chat is out-of-character. We use a guild channel titled "In-Character" to act as hearthstones to communicate I.C. A rare creation from skilled magi and archaeologists, each member is asked to take an enchanted hearthstone to contact other members of the fellowship from abroad. Rub it and each will feel a tingling sensation if it is on their person. Answer by holding it, focusing your thoughts on it, and speaking either aloud or telepathically. Images of the speaker(s) will appear in your mind. It is also bound to our headquarters in Dalaran - hold it and concentrate deeply for it to teleport you there. This is in accordance with hearthstone lore.