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"Bringing Draenei Together"
Welcome to The Draenei Fellowship!

"In our union, we congregate to preserve our traditions, customs, values, and to carry on our way of life. We come together to serve those in need, be it our kinfolk or allies in distant lands we never before dreamt. We fight side by side to protect our homes and livelihoods. We relax and have fun together, playing games and holding tournaments. We come together to share what we have, our humble bounties, as a family. Together we worship the Holy Light of Creation, Anchorites guiding us into prayer at our temples and before battle. We share in our worries, our sorrow, our joy. Strengths and weaknesses all, we accept one another and treat each other as equals. Whatever path fellow brethren choose, whatever calling in life, be it taking up a sword, mending the sick, selling goods, or raising a family, they are more than welcome here. Draenei, Krokul, or Lost One, we welcome you.

In the Light, we are one. May the Naaru guide you!"

~ Electrika, Caregiver and Founder of The Draenei Fellowship

Thank you for seeking us out!
Electrika / Aug 13, 2018

Amid the turmoil between the Alliance and Horde, something concerning begins to unfold within the Fellowship...A charge was made by High King Anduin Wrynn on the Horde's Undercity and Ruins of Lordaeron in an attempt at reclamation last Tuesday. E...

Electrika / Aug 08, 2018

This week, the Draenei Fellowship has journeyed to northern Kalimdor to aid our long-eared allies, the Kaldorei, in cleaning up the remaining Horde forces! Congregating in Ashenvale's Astranaar, we started out to join in the War of Thorns. We stop...

Electrika / Aug 03, 2018

Taking a Feralas trip per annum has become a tradition for The Draenei Fellowhip since 2016! We met up first tonight in the armory of the Exodar, headed to our headquarters, and then used our special hearthstones to teleport to Dalaran! There, we ...

Electrika / Jul 05, 2018

Happy belated Independence Day!I was thinking about something lately and wanted to share a quick announcement with you all, just in case you were curious. Many seem to be changing their regular Draenei into Lightforged Draenei. Perhaps they seek a...